Rules and Guidelines

The actions written below may be taken against users who violate the rules of CosmicBreak.
These guidelines apply to both the official website and in-game. You have been warned.

Offense Action
Use, creation, and/or distribution of
malicious software/cheat tools
Permanent account ban
Selling accounts Permanent account ban
Seriously interfering with game management Permanent account ban
Scamming staff members/GMs Permanent account ban
Credit card fraud, "charge backs",
prepaid card counterfeiting, etc.
Automatic permaban
Dishonest play Warning and/or 1 week ban > 1 month ban > Permaban
Intentional AFKing/botting Warning and/or 1 week ban > 1 month ban > Permaban
Abusing known bugs/exploits Warning and/or 1 week ban > 1 month ban > Permaban
Excessive spamming, flaming, trolling, etc. Warning and/or 1 week ban > 1 month ban > Permaban
Account thievery
(Using phishing sites, keyloggers, etc.)
Account in question temporarily locked for investigation,
permaban of all discovered accounts belonging to guilty parties
Inappropriate player name Forced name change
Inappropriate clan name Clan leader requested to change name > forced name change

Rules FAQ
Q. What is the definition of "dishonest play"?
A. Dishonest play is defined as gaining extra Exp/UC, rigging battle results, etc., through dishonest means. Concrete examples include (but are not limited to):
  • -Having other players die intentionally to facilitate the quick gain of resources
  • -Rigging or losing battles on purpose
  • -Intentionally working against your team

If you believe a player to be guilty of these kinds of actions, please report them to us and we will do our best to investigate the issue.

Q. What is the definition of "abusing bugs/exploits"?
A. Abusing bugs/exploits is defined as intentionally making use of known bugs in the game to gain an advantage over other players. If you think you have found an exploitable bug, please report it to the Service Team using the Contact Us form. Until we have officially declared that something is in fact a bug, we will not punish players for "exploiting" it.

Q. How much spamming/flaming/trolling is "excessive"?
A. The Service Team will judge what is considered "excessive" on a case by case basis. When posting on the official website and chatting in-game, we ask that players please refrain from personal attacks, bigotry, blatant racism, intentionally misleading other players, etc. When we feel that a player has gone too far, we will contact that player privately with a warning; if abuse continues, we may be forced to take more extreme measures.

Q. Someone wants my password so that they can give me Rt, are they legit?
A. NO, DO NOT TRUST USERS WHO ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD IN EXCHANGE FOR RT. These users will usually attempt to either steal your account and/or charge Rt to it using various credit card scams, which will result in your account being automatically banned. Even if a user has successfully given "free Rt" to others in the past, keep in mind that it often takes a little while for fraudulent payments to be detected by payment companies; once any past payments made to an account come up as fraudulent, that account will be autobanned. Remember, these are big payment companies that you're dealing with; they are not easily fooled by skiddie tools and scams. Be smart.

Q. Someone else stole my account and got me banned. Unban me please!
A. You are responsible for any actions taken using your account, and you should not be sharing your password with other users anyway. Telling someone your password does not constitute "hacking" or "account thievery". If someone actually tricked you into revealing your password using a virus, keylogger, phishing site, etc., please contact us with details. Remember, real GMs will NEVER ask you for your password, neither in-game nor via email, forum PMs, etc.

Q. I want to appeal a ban, what should I do?
A. Please send us an email using the Contact Us form, and tell us why you believe that you should be unbanned.

Q. Some people made fun of me! BAN THEM!!
You may report rule breakers via the Contact Us form; however, as stated above, the staff will be the final judges of what actions, if any, will be taken against offending parties, and for privacy reasons we will be unable to inform you of those actions. We ask that players do not openly use the threat of "reporting" when arguing with other players. If you feel that you have been wronged, please report it to us privately; do not continue responding to the person who has wronged you. We will not take reports seriously when we feel that the "victim" is simply "feeding the trolls."

ALL OF THE ABOVE RULES ARE ONLY GUIDELINES, AND MAY BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME. Again, the Service Team will judge each incident on a case by case basis, and reserves the right to make exceptions to any of the above rules for any reason we see fit. Please do not quote "the rules" when arguing with other players; use your own common sense instead.

Thank you.

-The CosmicBreak Service Team