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Fansite Kit

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Fansite Kit

We at CyberStep welcome and encourage our players to create fansites, fanart, comics, videos, etc., using the world of CosmicBreak and its characters. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to download the official CosmicBreak Fansite Kit, which contains all kinds of useful materials for creating fan made content!

The Fansite Kit includes:
  • - Hi-res official artwork
  • - Images of various robot and weapon models
  • - Screenshots of in-game areas
  • - Copies of official manga
  • - Official banners for linking
  • - Various other official logos, icons, etc.

We hope that this content will be of use to you!

Below is a list of guidelines that we'd like people to follow when creating fansites:
  1. Fansites should be for non-profit only.
  2. Fansites should not include over-the-top or purposely controversial content.
  3. Fansites should not flame specific players or individuals.
  4. Please include an easy to find link to the Official CosmicBreak website (http://cosmicbreak.cyberstep.ph/) somewhere on your website.
  5. Please censor out other players' names from any screenshots that you post, unless you have permission from those players to post said screenshots.
  6. Please do not repost other peoples' fanart, original content, etc., without their permission.
  7. Fansites should not engage in activities that violate CosmicBreak's Terms of Use.
  8. Please include the following statement somewhere on pages that contain official logos, screenshots, artwork, etc:
    "Copyright© CyberStep, Inc. All Rights Reserved."
  9. Please do not modify official logos or try to pass them off as your own.

We reserve the right to request that any fansites be taken offline if we judge them to be harmful to the CosmicBreak franchise. We ask that all fansite webmasters politely comply with any requests that we as the official owners of CosmicBreak may choose to make.

Happy site making!

- CosmicBreak Service Team