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Voice Chat

About Voice Chat
You can use CosmicBreak's built-in voice chat by connecting a mic to your computer.

Read the following explanation for more information.

In-Game Screen

In-Game Screen Voice Chat

  • Voice Icon
    When Voice Chat is active, the Voice Icon will be displayed. The icon will turn blue when you are transmitting your own voice.
How to Use Voice Chat

VoiceChat Option

  • Voice Chat Settings
    Off: Disables Voice Chat.
    Receive Only: Allows you to hear others who are using Voice Chat without transmitting your own voice.
    On: Enables both receiving and transmitting. When set to On, you will also be able to adjust mic sensitivity, activate a voice changer, and adjust the mic volume.

  • Port Settings
    If you are unable to use Voice Chat even after connecting a mic and turning on Voice Chat, there is a good chance that your port settings are not properly configured. Port settings should be configured as follows:

    a) UDP port 23456 should be unblocked in any local firewall software.
    b) If you are behind a router, UDP port 23456 should be forwarded to the computer on which you are playing CosmicBreak.