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Tune Up

The Tune Up system allows you to upgrade a specific part by increasing its parameters or giving it
other special abilities. However, there is an element of chance when performing a Tune Up as they do
not always succeed. The stronger the Tune Up, the more likely it is to fail. Additionally, you must have
the necessary Tune Up materials in order to perform a Tune Up. Most Tune Up materials may be
collected by playing the various game modes, although there are certain rare materials that are
harder to come by.

Collect Materials

You must have special materials in order to perform a Tune Up.

There are various ways to get ahold of Tune Up materials, but the
main ways are picking them up off of defeated enemies in Quest
Mode, and receiving them as rewards in Arena or Mission Mode.

Tune Up Slots

Up to three Tune Ups may be performed on one part, depending
on the part.

The number of times a part can be tuned depends on its number
of slots. The number of slots a part has is shown on its icon in
the menu.

How to Tune Up

Tune Ups can be performed from the Cosmos
Pot, which is located in the Ground Area.

From the Tune Up menu, first choose a part
or weapon on which to perform a Tune Up.

Next, choose what kind of Tune Up you
would like to apply to that part. Depending
on the part, certain Tune Ups may be

After choosing which Tune Up to perform,
you will have a chance to use various items
which can increase the success rate of the
Tune Up or protect the part's slot in the case
of a Tune Up failure.

You are now ready to begin the Tune Up
process. Double check the success rate and
when you're ready, click the START button.

Watch the animation, and wait to find out
the outcome...

Congratulations! The Tune Up was a
success. Your part now has the added
parameters shown.

Too bad... If the Tune Up fails, your materials will still
be used up, plus one of the part's slots will be filled.
Watch out!