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Game Start

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Game Start

Click shortcut icon

Double click on the desktop shortcut for CosmicBreak.

Game launcher

The CosmicBreak launcher will now check for updates. Once any updates have been installed, click the start game button to run the actual client.

Game start

Once the client loads, you may enter your user name and password to begin playing.


Select your player name

The first time you log in, you will be prompted to select a name to use in game. This name will be visible to other players of CosmicBreak.

Select starting robot

You will next be asked to select a starting robot. You may choose from one of three unique types.

Click here to read more about robot types.

Select starting skin and color

You will now be able to choose a starting skin and colors for your first robot. You will be free to change these later if you want.

Select channel

After selecting your starting robot, you will be asked to select which channel to log in to. Pick a channel, and click the enter button.


Once you have selected a channel, a tutorial will begin which will allow you to practice the basic controls of the game.
Click here for an explanation of basic controls.

Select Union

Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be asked to select a Union.

Click here for an explanation about Unions.

Welcome to the world of CosmicBreak!

After selecting a Union, you will be able to enter the world of CosmicBreak. Lead your Union to victory!