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Sizes & Types

Robots are categorized by type and size. These factors determine the overall movement and fighting
style of each robot. Understanding these characteristics will give you a major tactical advantage on
the battlefield, so make sure to try out various robots in different game modes in order get used to
how each type handles.

Robot Types
Land Type

Land type robots boast superior maneuverability on the ground as
well as the ability to equip various powerful sub and main weapons.
They tend to be weak against beam type weapons, so use their
added speed on the ground to avoid beam attacks whenever

Air Type

Air types have the ability to remain airborne for much longer periods of time
than other robots. They are also able to make good use of beam type
weapons. They can be taken down quickly by bomb and missile type attacks
though, so beware of enemies using these kinds of weapons.

Artillery Type

Artillery type robots specialize in heavy firepower, with the ability
to utilize many different long range weapons including various
bombs and missiles. They are weak against melee sub weapons, so
don't let the enemy get too close.

Support Type

Support types have the ability to use special Wonder Bits unavailable to other
robots, allowing them to repair and support their allies during battle. Some of
them also have radar related abilities, as well abilities that allow them to inflict
enemies with various status effects. However, they tend to lack the raw
firepower of other types, so be careful when taking on enemies alone.

Robot Size
S Size

Small sized robots have increased maneuverability,
allowing them to more easily avoid enemy fire. On the
downside, they are unable to equip various large and
powerful weapons.

M Size

Medium sized robots tend to have fairly balanced specs,
making them easy to customize. They may use a wide
variety of weapons, meaning that they can be equipped
to deal with many different situations.

L Size

Large sized robots have high HP and may equip many
powerful weapons. Their large size makes them easy
targets, so utilize their added HP to make up for this