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  • Total Ranking
    Displays the overall ranking of all players.
  • Individual Records
    Displays your own ranking information.
  • Inner Clan Ranking
    Displays the ranking within your clan.

  • Monthly
    Displays results for this month.
  • Total
    Displays total results.
  • All
    Displays cumulative results for Arena, Mission, and Quest Mode scores combined.
  • Arena
    Displays only Arena scores.
    *Arena scores for Union Wars and Team Fight are displayed separately.
  • Mission
    Displays only Mission scores.
    *Mission scores for each difficulty are displayed separately.
  • Quest
    Displays only Quest scores.
    *Quest scores as well as completed areas may be displayed.

  • Ranking
    Ranking of high score holders.
  • Player
    Displays player name.
  • Clan
    Displays player's clan.
  • Rank Points
    Displays player's rank points.
  • Arena
    Displays player's Arena score.
  • Mission
    Displays player's Mission score.
  • Quest
    Displays player's Quest score.