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Radio Message

About Radio Messages

You may send preset radio messages to your teammates during battle. Each radio message consists of an English chat message combined with original Japanese voice acting.

Read the following explanation for more information.

In-Game Screen

During Arena, Mission, or Quest Mode, press Z, X, or C to display one of the three sets of radio messages on the top left of the screen. Next, press the corresponding number key in order to send a radio message. Extra voice sets purchased in the Shop may be accessed by pressing V.

Radio Message In-Game Screen

  • Order "Z"
  • Attack!
  • Follow me!
  • Retreat!
  • Req support!
  • Req medic!
  • Req radar scan!
  • Disperse!
  • Leave it to me!
  • Stay close!
  • Let's do this!
  • Report "X"
  • Scan complete!
  • Repairing!
  • At target area!
  • Enemy down!
  • Need backup!
  • At enemy base!
  • Enemy sighted!
  • Target destroyed
  • Stay calm!
  • That's it!
  • Response "C"
  • Roger!
  • Negative!
  • Back up's here!
  • Good Job!
  • Sorry!
  • Thanks!
  • Counting on it!
  • Wait!
  • Good luck!
  • You alright?

*The9and0messages are extra messages not displayed on the menu.

During battle, you may enter #RC[two digit number] in order to sound a radio command along with a normal team chat message.

-The first digit determines the category of the radio message (0 for Order, 1 for Report, 2 for Response)
-The second digit determines which radio message within that category to use

Example: (in ⁄member chat mode) Everyone, attack!! #RC01
Chat box #RC01

Radio Message options

Voice Chat setting

  • Radio Message
    Turn radio messages on or off.
    *Radio messages are turned on by default.
  • Type
    Choose from a number of different character voices.
  • Message
    A list of useable radio messages.