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In Quest Mode, you explore ancient ruins on an untamed planet.
You can set out alone, or you can gather a party first.
Collect all required treasure to receive a reward.


Go to the Quest Counter in the Ground Area,
press the Quest button from the menu,
or press F3 while in the Ground Area in order to access the Quest room list.
You may create your own room or join someone else's.

When members have gathered, press F8 to start the Quest.

In the first area, you may choose which selection of treasure to search for. Next, enter either the blue or the red gate.
Blue Gate: Requires Blue Key to enter.
Red Gate: Requires Red Key to enter.
(The Red Gate contains more powerful enemies than the Blue Gate)
*After gathering a set of treasure once,
your reward for gathering it a second time
will be only one tenth of what you received for completing it the first time.
This limitation is reset when Quest Mode is shuffled.

You will receive various items from enemies defeated in Quest Mode.
In order to keep these items and parts, you must make it to the next Outpost.
Work together with friends and try to reach deeper areas.


You may abort a Quest by pressing ESC.
However, you will not be able to keep any items and/or money
that you have collected since the last Outpost.
In order to avoid losing items,
you must make it to the next Outpost and return via the yellow Return Gate.


Return Gates are the yellow gates found at each Outpost.
By using a Return Gate,
you will be able to take back to the lobby everything you've picked up
during that session of questing. Also, when you use a Return Gate,
you will be able to resume Quest Mode from that same Outpost and
avoid starting over from the first area.