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Robot Paint

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How to Paint

The Paint system allows you to change the color and look of your robots.
There are three different Paint modes of varying complexity.
Use the Paint system to give your robots that personal touch.

How to Paint your Robots

Choose the robot you would like to paint from the garage and press the Paint button.

How to Paint your Robots

Preset Paint

Choose from several preset themes in order to quickly change the color of your robot.

Preset Paint

Parts Paint

This mode allows you to paint each part of the robot individually. Choose a part from the menu, then choose three colors for it.
Main Color: The main color of the part.
Sub Color: The secondary color of the part.
Light Color: The color of highlights on the part.

Parts Paint

Skin Edit Mode

Allows you to directly edit the textures mapped to the robot's polygons.
A little bit more complicated than the other painting modes,
but allows you to design a completely new skin for your robot.

SkinEdit Mode

SkinEdit Mode A

  • Load
    Allows you to open saved skin files.
  • Save
    Allows you to save the skin you are currently working on.
  • Import Image
    Allows you to import an image to be used as a skin for the current part. The image must be a 16 color indexed PNG.
  • Export Image
    Allows you to export the skin of the current part as a PNG image file.

SkinEdit Mode B

  • Preview
    Shows what the skin will look like on your robot.

SkinEdit Mode C

  • Canvas
    This is where you edit the skin.

SkinEdit Mode D

  • Fill checkbox
    When this is on, the rectangle tool and ellipse tool will create solid shapes as opposed to outlines.
  • Undo
    Click to undo the last action.
  • Redo
    Click to cancel an undo.
  • Copy
    Copies the currently selected area of the image.
  • Paste
    Pastes the previously copied area of the image.
  • Reset
    Press this to reset the current part's skin to its default image.
  • UV
    Displays lines showing which parts of the canvas are mapped to the robot's polygons.
  • GRID
    Displays a grid on the canvas.
  • Zoom
    Allows you to zoom in and out on the canvas. Can also be controlled by the mouse's scroll wheel.

SkinEdit Mode E

  • Pencil tool
    Allows you to draw freely on the canvas. The width of the line can be changed.
  • Fill tool
    Allows you to change an area of connected same-color pixels to another color.
  • Eye Dropper tool
    Allows you to select a color by clicking on a pixel of that color.
  • Selection tool
    Allows you to select an area of the image for moving or copy-pasting.
  • Line tool
    Allows you to draw a straight line.
  • Zoom tool
    Allows you to zoom in on part of the canvas by clicking. You may also zoom out by holding alt and clicking.
  • Drag tool
    Allows you to move around the canvas by clicking and dragging.
  • Rectangle tool
    Allows you to draw a rectangle by clicking and dragging.
  • Ellipse tool
    Allows you to draw an ellipse by clicking and dragging.
  • Line Thickness
    Determines the thickness of lines drawn by the Pencil tool, Line tool, Rectangle tool (in outline mode), and Ellipse tool (in outline mode).

SkinEdit Mode H

  • Colors
    The colors available for the currently selected part.
    The main color, sub color, and light color of the part are each available in 3 different shades,
    and will be changeable via the simpler painting modes after skin editing is complete.
    The frame colors and user colors will be fixed when changing the part's colors using the simpler painting modes.
  • Color Palette
    Choose your colors here. In addition to the displayed pallet of colors,
    Frame colors and User colors can be changed to any color within the RGB
    spectrum by clicking on the icon below the displayed RGB values.

SkinEdit Mode I

  • Apply Paint button
    Applies the current skin to the robot (costs UC).
  • Cancel button
    Closes the Skin Editor without applying the current skin.
    Make sure to save the skin data first if you do not want to lose it (saving skin data is free).
Video Tutorial (Painting and Skin Editing)

Video explaining the custom skin creation and polygon editing system.
Learn how to customize the look of your robots!