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  • Control mode
    Choose between Keyboard+Mouse and GamePad control modes.
  • Control settings
    Set which keys control basic movement.
  • Mouse sensitivity
    Adjust the sensitivity of mouse movement.
  • Invert vertical
    Check to invert the vertical axis when moving the mouse.
  • Invert horizontal
    Check to invert the horizontal axis when moving the mouse.

  • Item shortcuts
    Set which keys to use as item shortcuts.

  • Radio messages
    Set which keys to use for radio messages.

  • Default settings
    Return all settings to their default values.


  • Show names
    Choose whether or not to display other players' names.
  • Fixed radar direction
    Check to lock the radar so that the upwards direction is always north.
    Uncheck to cause the radar to rotate so that the upwards direction is your current direction of movement.
  • Receive backup requests
    Check to enable the display of backup requests from rooms that are short on players.
    Uncheck to disable the display of backup requests.
  • Lock on text
    Choose whether or not to display the LOCKED ON text when targeting an enemy.

  • BGM Volume
    Adjust volume of the background music.
  • SFX Volume
    Adjust volume of the sound effects.
  • System voice
    Choose whether or not to playback system voice clips.

  • Memory size
    Choose the amount of memory to be allocated to the game.
  • Thread optimization
    Optimizes game performance. Should be left on unless it seems to be causing problems.

  • Display
    Choose whether to display the game windowed or full screen.
  • Performance
    Select the graphical performance of the game.
  • Stage shadows
    Toggle the display of object shadows.
  • Max objects
    Adjust the maximum number of objects to be displayed at one time.
  • Screen size
    Adjust the size of the game screen.
  • Robot icons
    Select how your robot icons should be displayed.
  • Fix UI size
    Check to fix the size of user interface elements, or uncheck to allow them to scale relative to the size of the screen.

  • UI Tutorial Replay
    Click RESET to replay the user interface tutorial that plays when you first begin the game.

Macro Settings

Edit the chat macros assigned to alt+1 through alt+0.
The chat mode in which to execute each macro can be changed by clicking on the speech bubble icon next to each text box.