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Visual Lobby

  • Money
    Displays your current UC (Union Cash) and Rt (Roots).
  • Radar
    Displays your current location, as well as the location of allies, enemies, and other objects.
  • Location
    Displays the name of your current location.
  • Item Shortcuts
    Displays the items you have equipped to your shortcut slots.
  • Player Name
    Displays your player name.
  • Commando
    Displays the robots you have selected for battle.

  • Boost Gauge
    You may fly until your boost gauge runs out.
  • Altitude
    Displays your altitude relative to the location from which you took off.

  • WB Gauge
    Displays your Wonder Bit's energy level.
  • HP
    Displays your current robot's HP.
  • Weapon
    Displays your currently selected weapon and remaining ammunition.

  • Menu
    Press Esc or click the mouse wheel to display the menu.
  • Map
    Hold Tab to display the map.
  • Garage
    Press F1 to open your garage.
  • Shop
    Press F2 to open the Shop.
  • Arena/Mission/Quest
    Press F3 to display the Arena, Mission, or Quest Menu, depending on which lobby area you are in.
  • Auto Matching
    Press F12 to turn on Auto Matching.
  • Backup Requests
    Backup requests from allies are displayed here.