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    Display your robot inventory.
    Display your parts inventory.
  • ITEM
    Display your item inventory.
  • PROF
    Display your profile.
  • MATE
    Display your currently active Mate and Mate status.

  • Robot status
    Displays information about the currently selected robot.

  • Junk
    Disassemble the currently selected robot into parts.
  • Medals
    Displays medals. Medals are received upon the destruction of certain enemy robots.

  • Paint
    Allows you to repaint the currently selected robot.
  • Customization
    Allows you to equip/customize the currently selected robot.

  • Robot list
    Displays the robots in your Main Garage or Sub Garage.
  • Sort
    Select how to sort your list of robots.
  • Create New Robot
    Build a new robot starting from a BD part.
  • Main Garage/Sub Garage
    Switch between the Main Garage and Sub Garage display.
    You may also click and drag robots here in order to move them between the Main Garage and Sub Garage.

  • Current Commando
    Displays which robots you will take into battle.
  • Select Commando
    You may save up to six different Commando configurations.
  • Total cost
    The total cost of all robots in your Commando.
  • Remove
    Removes the currently selected robot from your Commando.


  • Selling price
    Displays the selling price of the currently selected part.
  • Sell
    Click to sell the currently selected part.

  • BD
    Click to display BD (body) parts.
  • LG
    Click to display LG (leg) parts.
  • HD
    Click to display HD (head) parts.
  • AM
    Click to display AM (arm) parts.
  • BS
    Click to display BS (booster) parts.
  • AC
    Click to display AC (accessory) parts.
    Click to display handheld weapon parts.
    Click to display Wonder Bits.

  • Parts list
    Displays your parts inventory.


  • Comment area
    Description of the currently selected item.
  • Use
    Click to use the currently selected item.
    Information about items currently in effect can be viewed in your profile.
    To read about items that affect your status, click here.

  • Selling price
    Displays the selling price of the currently selected item.
  • Sell
    Click to sell the currently selected item.

  • Item list
    Displays your item inventory.
  • Garage Items
    Click to display items usable from your garage.
  • Inventory Items
    Click to display items usable during combat.
  • Tune Up Materials
    Click to display Tune Up materials.
  • Other
    Click to display items which do not fit into any of the above categories.

  • Inventory Item shortcuts
    You may assign items to shortcut keys for use during battle by dragging and dropping them into these slots.
  • Detach
    Remove items from shortcut key slots by clicking this button.


  • Player name
    Displays your player name.
  • Union
    Displays your Union.
  • Hero Rank
    Displays your current Hero Rank, total Rank Points, and Rank Points needed to rank up.

  • Comment
    You may enter a comment that will be visible when others read your profile.

  • Clan
    Displays your clan.
  • Title
    Displays your title within your clan.
  • Clan level
    Displays your clan's current level.

  • Dispatch Requests in progress
    Displays the number of Dispatch Requests currently in progress.
  • Dispatch Points
    Displays your current Dispatch Points.
  • Current Request
    Click to display information about Dispatch Requests currently in progress.

  • Item list
    List of items currently in use.
    To read about items that affect your status, click here.
  • Open/Confirm
    Click to view information about Challenge Cubes in progress, or to open a Challenge Cube for which you have completed the requirements.
  • Cancel use
    Click to cancel an item currently in use.
    Note that the canceled item will not be returned to your inventory, and will be lost.


Items such as Respawn Tickets, EXP Tickets, etc., that affect your status over a set period of time may be used from the ITEM menu inside the garage.

You cannot use more than one of the same type of item at the same time.
If you want to use an item of the same type as one that is already in use, cancel the first item's status effect from your profile before using the second one.

You want to use a Respawn -50% Ticket Gamma (shortens respawn time by 50%), but you are already using a Respawn -30% Ticket (shortens respawn time by 30%).
Cancel the effect of the Respawn -30% Ticket in your profile before using the Respawn -50% Ticket Gamma.

When you use an item meant for a single robot, you will be able to select which robot to use it on from the item window.
Robots under the effect of an item will be marked with a star.