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About clans

You may form clans with other members of your Union. In order to join a clan, you must be invited by the clan leader or sub leader. You may also start your own clan once you have reached a certain rank by buying a Clan Foundation Badge.

How to start a clan

How to start a clan

In order to start a clan, you must first buy a Clan Foundation Badge from the shop. Once you have a badge, you may create a clan at the Clan Counter found in each Union Area.

About clan icons

About clan icons

About clan icons A

  • Import Image
    Allows you to import an image to be used as a clan icon.
  • Export Image
    Allows you to export the current icon as an image file.

About clan icons B

  • Reset
    Resets the current icon.
  • Copy
    Copies the currently selected area of the image.
  • Paste
    Pastes the previously copied area of the image.

About clan icons C

  • Color Palette
    Choose from a set of preset colors.
  • Color code
    Displays the RGB values and alpha (transparency) value of the currently selected color.
    These values can be changed in order to use colors not available from the regular palette.
  • Color sample
    Displays the currently selected color.

About clan icons D

  • Undo
    Click to undo the last action.
  • Redo
    Click to cancel an undo.
  • Fill mode
    Turning this mode on will cause the rectangle tool and ellipse tool to create solid shapes as opposed to outlines.
  • Anti Alias mode
    Turning this mode on will make curved lines appear smoother.
  • Mirror mode
    Turning this mode on will cause everything drawn on one side of the icon to be automatically mirrored on the other side of the icon.

About clan icons D

  • Pencil tool
    Allows you to draw freely on the canvas. The width of the line can be changed.
  • Line Thickness
    Determines the thickness of lines drawn by the Pencil tool, Line tool, Rectangle tool (in outline mode), and Ellipse tool (in outline mode).
  • Eraser tool
    Allows you to erase parts of the icon, making them transparent.
  • Line tool
    Allows you to draw a straight line.
  • Zoom tool
    Allows you to zoom in and out by left and right clicking. You may also zoom by using the mouse's scroll wheel.
  • Drag tool
    Allows you to move around the canvas by clicking and dragging.
  • Rectangle tool
    Allows you to draw a rectangle by clicking and dragging.
  • Fill tool
    Allows you to change an area of connected same-color pixels to another color.
  • Eye Dropper tool
    Allows you to select a color by clicking on a pixel of that color.
  • Selection tool
    Allows you to select an area of the image for moving or copy-pasting.
  • Ellipse tool
    Allows you to draw an ellipse by clicking and dragging.