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Below is a list of chat commands. They may be typed directly into the chat window, or selected from a list by clicking the blue button next to the chat input textbox.

Chat commands

chat commands

⁄ say
: Allows you to chat with players who are nearby.
⁄ shout
: Allows your messages to be seen by players who are farther away.
⁄ tell [player]
: Allows you to send a private chat message to the specified player.
⁄ reply
: Allows you to reply to a /tell message without entering that player's name.
⁄ member
: Allows you to chat to teammates who are in the same matching (room) as you.
⁄ global
: Allows you to chat to all players in the current matching, including players on the opposing team.
⁄ clan
: Allows you to chat to all members of your clan.
⁄ makeroom [name]
: Creates a chat room with specified name.
⁄ room
: Allows you to chat with players in a chat room.
⁄ invite [name]
: Invites the specified player to your chat room.
⁄ accept
: Accepts a friend request.
⁄ reject
: Rejects a friend request.
⁄ friend [player]
: Sends a friend request to the specified player.
⁄ friendoff [player]
: Removes the specified player from your friend list. Only works on players who are already on your friend list.
⁄ ignore [player]
: Adds the specified player to your ignore list. You will not see chat messages from players on your ignore list.
⁄ ignoreoff [player]
: Removes the specified player from your ignore list.
⁄ op
: Sends a message to the moderation staff.
⁄ kick [name]
: Adds a vote to kick the specified player from the room.
Enlarge Chat Window

You can enlarge the chat window by clicking on the triangle button next to the input textbox.

Chat Window before
Chat Window after
Using Emoticons

CosmicBreak includes a set of animated emoticons that can be used from the chat window.

You may display these emoticons above your robot's head by using the following command:

*[number] is a number from 1 to 12

You may combine these with normal chat messages in order to be more expressive when chatting.

Example Emotion 02

Emoticons may also be built into chat macros. Unlike radio commands activated with the #rc[number] command, emoticons may be used in chat modes other than /member. Also, the "#em[number]" part of the chat message will not be displayed in the chat window.
emotion SS
Emoticon List
em Thanks #em0 Thanks
em GO!! #em2 Go!!
em Sorry #em4 Sorry
em Anger #em6 Anger
em Skull #em8 Skull
em Goo Scissors #em10 Rock
em Par Scissors #em12 Paper
em Good Job!! #em1 Good Job!!
em Smile #em3 Smile
em Cry #em5 Cry
em Help #em7 Help
em Piyopiyo #em9 Dizzy
em Snip of the Scissors #em11 Scissors