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  • Remaining time
    Displays the remaining time limit for the current match.
    If time runs out before one side's BP is depleted, the team with the most remaining BP will be the winner.
  • Power Spot icon
    Displays the current HP of your team's Power Spot(s) in percentage form.
  • Number of team members
    Displays the current number of players on each team.
  • BP (Battle Points)
    The blue gauge shows your team's BP, the red gauge shows the enemy team's BP.
    Whichever team runs out of BP first will lose the match.

  • Item shortcuts
    Displays your current items.

  • Frag information
    Displays who destroyed who.

  • Alert circle
    When locked on to by an enemy, show's that enemy's direction.


  • Keys held
    Displays what keys you currently possess.

  • Player information
    Displays the current location, remaining robots, and current HP of you and your party members.

  • Boost item level
    Displays your current parameter boost from boost items picked up by you and your party members.