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Lock On

Aim the sight in the middle of screen using your mouse.
When the sight touches an enemy, you will automatically lock on to that enemy.

Main Weapon Attack

Attack with your Main Weapon by left clicking.

Sub Weapon Attack

Attack with your Sub Weapon by right clicking. You may attack quickly using a non-selected Sub Weapon by holding the E key while right clicking.

With Zero Saber, you can use the "Zero Step" Sub Weapon attack while you have another Sub Weapon selected by holding E and right clicking.

Wonder Bit

When your WB Gauge is full, you may activate your equipped Wonder Bit by pressing the F key.
Once your Wonder Bit is activated, you can retract it by pressing F again.

  • F
Attack with all Main Weapons

When you have multiple Main Weapons equipped, you may fire all of them at once by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time.
However, you will be unable to move while firing more than one Main Weapon.

Select Weapon

Holding shift and left clicking cycles through your equipped Main Weapons.
Holding shift and right clicking cycles through your equipped Sub Weapons.

  • Main Weapon
  • Sub Weapon