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CosmicBreak takes place in a parallel dimension known as the Cosmic Ark. The Cosmic Ark consists of three separate Union Areas where the ancient Ark robots sleep, as well as a Central Area and Ground Area.



You play the part of a wandering hero who has arrived at the legendary Cosmic Ark. You will choose one of three Unions, and fight to revive that Union's ancient Ark by gathering special Cosmos energy.

Valor in combat takes nerves of steel.
Do you have the courage to stand against evil and protect the weak?

Union formed by supporters of the Ark of Courage, Bladine.
Members of this Union believe in justice and value friendship and comradery above all else. Their loyalty to their allies is unsurpassed.

Guardian LIOS (VA: Takeshi Kusao)
The Guardian of Bladine.
Quick to act (although sometimes without thinking), he values qualities like courage over simple physical power. Leads Bladine with his strong morals and sense of justice.
Power is the only path to true justice.
Strike down your enemies with your awesome strength!

Union formed by supporters of the Ark of Strength, Dostrex.
Members tend to believe in their own power over everything else, but they are also valiant warriors who will never pick fights with those weaker than themselves

Guardian DRACKEN (VA: Akio Otsuka)
The Guardian of Dostrex.
Leads Dostrex with his philosophy of absolute power. Realizes that his beliefs may be different than others, but has no doubts. Usually serious, but likes to joke around on rare occasions.
Knowledge is what really matters on the battlefield.
Heroes equipped with true wisdom are undefeatable!

Union formed by supporters of the Ark of Wisdom, Wizdom.
Members believe in using strategy and tactics to achieve superiority on the battlefield. Their knowledge is revered throughout the universe, and they have superb leadership skills.

Guardian ICY (VA: Rie Tanaka)
The Guardian of Wizdom.
The only female guardian, she's a sharp tactician who leads Wizdom with her vast knowledge. Can be a bit stubborn, but she cares for her Union members above all else.